CONSIDERATION PHASE (September Through November)

Focus Area - Each year, staff in the Demographics, Zoning, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department review current enrollment and program capacity of each school with AZAC and the Instruction Unit in order to determine schools to be identified as Focus Areas for possible rezoning.

Scenarios – Members of AZAC develop various scenarios for the Focus Areas to be presented and discussed at a public AZAC meeting. AZAC considers input from parents, students, community members, Transportation Department staff, principals, and the Instruction Unit when reviewing each scenario.

The AZAC Process and Timeline

Residential Development
Residential Development - Fall 2018
PowerPoint Presentation by Sheri Garbiso
Wallmap: Residential Development Tracking - Fall 2018
CCSD Report: Residential Development Tracking - Fall 2018

Focus Areas Under Consideration for the 2019-2020 School Year

Focus Area E1  (Trustee District F)
Student Polys / Scenarios Affected Elementary Schools Development Tracking / Website Links

Focus Areas E1 - Student Polys
Conquistador and Tompkins
FA-E1: Scenario 1
FA-E1: Scenario 2
FA-E1: Scenario 3
FA-E1: Scenario 4
New School
at Conquistador and Tompkins
9950 W Tompkins Ave, LV 89147
Batterman, Kathy L. Dev. Track Website
Christensen, M.J. Dev. Track Website
Earl, Marion B. Dev. Track Website
Goolsby, Judy and John L. Dev. Track Website
Hayes, Keith C. and Karen W. Dev. Track Website
Ober, D'Vorre and Hal Dev. Track Website
Rogers, Lucille S. Dev. Track Website
Focus Areas E2 (Trustee District G)
Student Polys / Scenarios Affected Elementary Schools Development Tracking / Website Links

Focus Areas E2 - Student Polys
Hollywood and Vegas Valley
FA-E2: Scenario 1
FA-E2: Scenario 2
FA-E2: Scenario 3
FA-E2: Scenario 4
New School
at Hollywood and Vegas Valley
6950 Vegas Valley Dr, LV 89142 
Bailey, Sister Robert Joseph Dev. Track Website
Cunningham, Cynthia Dev. Track Website
Iverson, Mervin R. Dev. Track Website
Smith, Hal Dev. Track Website
Ullom, J.M. Dev. Track Website
Whitney Dev. Track Website
Focus Area M1  (Trustee District E & F)
Student Polys / Scenarios Affected Schools Development Tracking / Website Links

Focus Area M1 North - Student Polys
Focus Area M1 South - Student Polys
FA-M1: Scenario 1
FA-M1: Scenario 2
Fertitta, Victoria Dev. Track Website
Guinn, Kenny C. Dev. Track Website
Lawrence, Clifford J. Dev. Track Website
Rogich, Sig Dev. Track Website
Sawyer, Grant Dev. Track Website
Focus Area C1  (Trustee District E)
Student Polys / Scenarios Affected School Development Tracking / Website Links

FA-C1: Scenario 1, Elementary School
FA-C1: Scenario 1, Middle School
FA-C1: Scenario 1, High School
Indian Springs Elementary School,
Middle School, and High School

Upper Las Vegas Wash
New Master Planned Community

Dev. Track Website
Arbor View High School   Website
Bilbray, James H. Elementary School   Website
Cadwallader, Ralph Middle School   Website
Scherkenbach, William and Mary Elementary School   Website

AZAC (Attendance Zone Advisory Commission)
1180 Military Tribute Place
Henderson, NV 89074
phone: 702-799-0239 (AZAC Hotline)
Email: azac@nv.ccsd.net

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