AZAC Commission Information Packet
Calendars & Schedules

Tentative Meeting Dates for the 2020-2021 Zoning Season

Membership - AZAC and Demographics, Zoning and GIS

AZAC Membership

Demographics, Zoning and GIS (DZG)

Board of Trustees District Maps

2020-21-CCSD Trustee Districts: August 2020
2020-21-CCSD Trustee Districts with NSPF

Trustee District-A: August 2020
Trustee District-B: August 2020
Trustee District-C: August 2020
Trustee District-D: August 2020
Trustee District-E: August 2020
Trustee District-F: August 2020
Trustee District-G: August 2020

Schools by Regions Maps and Links
Bylaws / Policy & Regulations
AZAC Bylaws
(Revised August 27, 2020)

Bylaws of the Attendance Zone Advisory Commission
Policy 5112 School Attendance Zone Assignment Exceptions, Zone Variance,
Board-Approved Option, Transfer, and Magnet School Assignment
Policy 7111
Regulation 7111
District Attendance Zoning
District Attendance Zoning
Regulation 7112 School Facility Replacement
Regulation 7124 Converting Elementary Schools To and From
Year-Round Calendars and Flexible Double Sessions
Open Meeting Law Nevada Open Meeting Law Manual, 12th ed., 2019


Focus Areas

Phase 1: Focus Areas (Scenarios are Created)

Enrollment Data

+ Capacity Studies

2019-20 Elementary Capacity Study
2019-20 Secondary Capacity Study

+ Enrollment Projections

2020-21 Enrollment Projections

+ Enrollment Reports

+ Enrollment History

CCSD Student Population Growth History 1988-2019

+ Ethnicity Report

Development Tracking

Wallmap: Residential Development Tracking - Fall 2019 (November, 2019)
note: This is a very large file and may take time to download

2020 Active Development Counts - Elementary Schools
2020 Active Development Counts - Middle/Junior High Schools
2020 Active Development Counts - High Schools

Magnet Schools

CCSD Magnet Schools and Career and Technical Academies

2020-2021 Magnet School Location Map
2020-2021 Magnet Elementary Schools
2020-2021 Magnet Middle & Junior High Schools
2020-2021 Magnet and Career and Technical Academy High Schools

Prime 6 Program

2020-2021 Prime 6 Programs (March 2020)

Board Approved Options
Feeder School Overlay Maps

2020-2021 Feeder School Report

2020-2021 CCSD School Year Zoning Boundaries (Interactive Map)


AZAC (Attendance Zone Advisory Commission)
1180 Military Tribute Place
Henderson, NV 89074
phone: 702-799-0239 (AZAC Hotline)
Email: azac@nv.ccsd.net





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