How do you become an AZAC Member?

The members of the AZAC are volunteers, parents and concerned citizens appointed by the Board of School Trustees and the Superintendent of Schools to represent their individual districts. The School Board Trustee in each district appoints two individuals from their area. If you are interested in serving, contact the School Board Office at (702) 799-1072.

Why are changes made to attendance zones?

Attendance zones for new schools and changes to existing zones are reviewed annually by the AZAC.  While most attendance zone boundaries remain the same, some may be adjusted when an attendance zone is established for a new school or to relieve overcrowded conditions at an existing school.

Zoning decisions are made based upon new school construction, current enrollment, anticipated future enrollment growth, facility use, alternative schedules, and program needs.

What factors does AZAC take into consideration when determining attendance zones?

Zoning criteria is established by district Policy and Regulation 7111. AZAC will consider, but is not limited to, over- underutilization of schools; racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of students; feeder school alignment; and proximity of the school to the address of residency.

If I am in favor of a proposal or recommendation, do I need to attend a public input meeting?

Parent involvement is a crucial part of the AZAC process. All AZAC meetings are public and subject to Open Meeting laws. It is always recommended that you attend public input meetings when attendance boundaries affecting your child are being discussed. These meetings are an opportunity to voice your opinion about proposals being considered by AZAC.


What are the AZAC Policies, Regulations, and Bylaws?

AZAC Bylaws Bylaws of the Attendance Zone Advisory Commission
Policy 5112 School Attendance Zone Assignment Exceptions, Zone Variance,
Board-Approved Option, Transfer, and Magnet School Assignment
Policy 7111
Regulation 7111
District Attendance Zoning
District Attendance Zoning
Regulation 7112 School Facility Replacement
Regulation 7124 Converting Elementary Schools To and From
Year-Round Calendars and Flexible Double Sessions
12th ed. - 2019 Nevada Open Meeting Law Manual

AZAC (Attendance Zone Advisory Commission)
1180 Military Tribute Place
Henderson, NV 89074
phone: 702-799-0239 (AZAC Hotline)
Email: azac@nv.ccsd.net





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